Morphing Water


Carlos Pardo from FANATICFLUIDS talks about how he used RealFlow Standard Emitters and the RealFlow Render Kit V2 for Meshing in his last work.

Carlos is a freelance, CG Artist specialising in RealFlow and able to deliver high-end RealFlow and 3D sequences from concept to post production.

"My passion for fluid and dynamic simulations made me start this new project called FANATICFLUIDS. I am thrilled to collaborate and work on many RealFlow projects. I am based in Madrid-Spain, but I am available to work worldwide."


The problem

Morphing water: From a droplet, into letters, finishing in the shape of a bottle and generating all the different high resolution meshes of the project from just ONE particle simulation.

Of course, during this exploration of the tools, it was also a MUST to get nice water shots going from real water to abstract water structures.

The solution

"This was achieved by using RealFlow Standard Emitters and mastering my use of RFRK2 to generate all the different high resolution meshes needed to make this project.

In order to make particles change into different shapes, I used the Magic Daemon and Morphing plug-ins inside RealFlow".

"When I started on this project, I decided to make only one particle simulation for the entire project. Working always with the same particle simulation gave me a perfect understanding of the maximum and minimum fluid scales you can get with RealFlow Standard Emitter."

RealFlow RenderKit V2

"Meshing for me is the most important step in order to create a real fluid simulation, and I have to say that I am impressed with the results achieved using RFRK2.

I made many shots of the simulated particles and always got the desired result for the mesh fluid. RFRK2 gave me the power to control the physical aspect of the fluid in every shot.

With RFRK2 I was able to change the mesh parameters for each specific shot and then simulate just the frames I needed for that shot, saving a lot of time."

"I completed the entire piece in six weeks, in between jobs. I did everything in the project from concept to post production, and I was surprised by the fast render times you can get with the RealFlow Render Kit V2. All the pre-calculations and final calculation of the particles with the RealFlow Standard Emitter were also really fast."



The result