Credits: Lumiere Studios, London

RealFlow for Freelancers or Small Studios

Our aim is to make RealFlow as accessible as possible. This is why we now offer RealFlow Node-locked which is available for only $2500/€2000.

If you want more flexibility and the ability to use RealFlow simulation nodes, RealFlow Floating is the option for you ($3995/€2995 - FREE Node included)

Credits: Fusion CI Studios, LA

RealFlow for Medium Studios

The RealFlow Studio Pack is a bundle of GUI and Node licenses with a 20% discount

2 x RealFlow
10 x RealFlow Nodes
Price: $9995/€7450

Credits: Blur Studio

RealFlow for Large Studios

For large studios we offer bespoke flexible packages to ensure RealFlow fits into your current pipeline as seamlessly as possible.

If you are interested in Site, or Global Site licensing, please contact us.

What do you need RealFlow for?

Freelancers or Small Studios
Medium Sized Studios
Large Studios
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RealFlow 2014 Demo

This demo will give you the freedom to test-drive RealFlow. You will be able to import/export your scene to your 3D Platform and fully test the whole workflow.

Don't forget to download the RealFlow RenderKit as well!


  • Restrictions Restricted GUI (XML and workspace)
  • Ideal for EVERYONE interested in RealFlow!
  • Duration 30 days
  • Price FREE
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