Andronikos Bisogiannis from Ixor, talks about how RealFlow was used in the Tsai commercial.

About the company

Ixor founded in 2005 in Athens, Greece and offers a complete range of CG services, ranging from characters, to complex fluid / liquid simulations and seamless visual effects images. They also have a small studio in Florida.


The solution

Andronikos Bisogiannis: “We used RealFlow for all the shots involving the balloon explosions as well as the creation of the Stream and bottle appearance effect for the product shot.”

“Past experience and the predictable results are very important when choosing a fluid / liquid simulation software. RealFlow combines both, and with customizable plugins and scripts, it can be a very powerful solution for VFX shots.”

“The 1st week was R&D week with custom scripts an many slow-motion tests for the explosions and the majority of liquid simulations were completed the following week. We used a custom Network meshing plugin that we have developed previously and that helped us to deliver on time.”



The problem

Realistic ‘exploding balloons’ of colour, the majority of which was created in one week.

“Creating realistic balloon explosions in slow motion was a challenging task, but the most challenging one was the "Stream" effect that required custom scripting and many variations for our client to choose from. We had around 2 weeks for the entire commercial. From match-moving to compositing. It was a very tight schedule!”





The result

Andronikos Bisogiannis (FX Supervisor)
Nikos Lazaridis (FX Artist)
Vassilis Antipas (FX Artist)
Stefanie Blatt (FX Artist)
Antonis Fylladitis (General Artist)
Stavros Karagiannis (General Artist)
Iosif Kefalas (On-Set Supervising & Matchmove Artist)
Ole Lemming (Plugin Support)
Philips Marmoutas (Proj. Supervisor / Compositor Postfaust)